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Our team



Jim & Katalin de Jager

Co-founders, Trustees

and Chairman

We are of the belief that each child should always have access to good quality education regardless of background, religion, gender or the country ‘s political situation. 

Andrea Gyuracz

Co-founder, Trustee

I do believe aid can only be achieved through education which will enable the people to find their happiness, future and living in their own country. 

Gyuri Szabó

Co-founder, Trustee

My daughter moved me to sponsor a child. My response was i would prefer to help and get actively involved. 

Ágnes Csonka

Library Project Coordinator, volunteer

I still need something "plus" that I can accomplish with my volunteer work.

Anna Tamaskó

Discover Africa program coordinator, volunteer

I believe we can help the most if we don’t give someone fish but teach them how to fish.
Szilvi Ecker.jpg

Szilvi Ecker

Art design, volunteer

I believe that transferring my knowledge to them is the most effective way of helping the new generation.
Picture EH.png

Évi Hajzer

Accounting, Tendering, volunteer

I have felt a mysterious longing for Africa since I was a child and then when I went there, the continent completely touched my soul.

Togonon S Togo

Project manager in Mali

I'm Togonon Severin Togo and project manager.
Since I was a child I was inspired by the beauty of the nature and now being a young man I said to myself it's high time for me to be the guardian of my environment in which I live.
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