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"Helping is good. But it does matter how. I can do this smartly, efficiently and effectively with the Africa Another Way Foundation."

It sounds like an advertising slogan, but it is inspired by reality. And for me, these aspects are very important. I stepped into the life of the foundation and world of volunteering as coordinator of the Bamako Library Program.

So why is it good to be a volunteer? It is not an easy question. Everyone is motivated by different reasons. Basically because it feels good. In addition, we can unfold in an area that may not be required for our jobs, even though the potential lies within us. It is a fantastic feeling to experience the results of our work, to get to know interesting, exciting, valuable people while working. It's a great thing to work with a team like this. And the experiences are indescribable. (I tried to share them in the blogs...)"


(Ágnes Csonka, volunteer)


Interested in our projects as a volunteer or getting involved with in our events? 

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