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Sponsoring children

"Man basically strives to be good. One likes to give and put smiles on the faces of others, to help those in need. It is especially important to turn our attention towards those who, without us, without any help could not even be able to find out their dreams and could not reach their goals. Even if our options are small, as a "foster parent" of a child, we can lay the foundations for their future, because knowledge is the greatest treasure and being good is an experience. " 


(Edina Tarr, child sponsor)

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For many years now, I have been pleased to join the humanitarian program of Africa Another Way Foundation as a supporter. I can play an active role in the foundation's extremely noble goals, with a particular emphasis on education: to provide physical and mental well-being to African children living in deep poverty who would not even have access to primary education without the foundation's involvement. However, through the foundation, I can help little children for a much longer time, until the graduation and thereby I may help them to find better job opportunities. The members' and volunteers' exciting, colorful travel reports and newsletters give a direct insight into the everyday life of African families, the hilarious and heartbreaking stories. Their regular cultural programs give us a pleasant atmosphere and their performances give us unforgettable experiences. I am impressed by the selflessness, willingness and perseverance of the foundation's staff. I wish good health for their further quality work! 


(GI, child sponsor)

You have an opportunity to become part of an extraordinary experience.

We do not pay aid: we pay school fees in return of good school results and development.

Non-financial donations for the sponsored children will be delivered to the children once per year, upon prior notice of the possibility to the sponsors. 


HUF 500 (cca. €1.30) shall be used from each monthly fee to finance the operating costs of the program (bank charges, money sending fees, fees for local helps, awards for good learning).

The fees may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.


Sponsorship payments may be paid

  • via bank transfer to our: 

    • HUF account

      • IBAN: HU19 1040 0872 5052 6751 6883 1003, 

      • Swift Code: OKHB HUHB; 

      • Name of the bank: KH Bank) ;

    • EUR account

      • Account holder: Afrika Másként Alapítvány

      • Swift Code: TRWIBEB1XXX; 

      • IBAN: BE70 9674 9170 8625, 

  • via PayPal please click  here.

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