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Donations in-kind can help to realise our programs and provide infrastructure for our partner schools.

We collect the following items:

  • writing and colouring materials such as pencils, pens, paint, crayons, chalk (white and colour) rubbers, pencil sharpeners, rulers 

  • books and other publications for children in French and English 

  • fully working laptop or PC 

  • working mobile phone, tablet

  • bags, backpacks

  • drinking bottles

  • school demonstration objects (maps, etc).

Credit Card

Donations can be paid 

  • via bank transfer to our: ​​​

    • HUF​ account

      • Name of the bank: K and H Bank;

      • Account holder: Afrika Másként Alapítvány

      • Swift Code: OKHB HUHB; 

      • IBAN: HU19 1040 0872 5052 6751 6883 1003, 

    • EUR account

      • Account holder: Afrika Másként Alapítvány

      • Swift Code: TRWIBEB1XXX; 

      • IBAN: BE70 9674 9170 8625, 

  • via PayPal 

In-kind donations may be sent to Afrika Másként, 1148 Budapest, Kerepesi út 78 B, 1.lph , III/2 or personally delivered (by appointment) to the same address.

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