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Supporting children

Getting an education is not just a fundamental human right. It is essential to succeed in life and increase the chances to find meaningful work; it is critical to breaking the cycle of poverty. It benefits the individual, family, community and nation and it can bring lasting change.


In our civilised world we take education for granted and it is available for everyone. However children in Africa often lack access to education as a result of parental and community attitudes stopping them from going to school. Children come often from large families and the strongest and fittest are put to work to earn money for the family. Especially girls from late primary-school age are struggling to finish a basic education as they help raise siblings, get supplies and help with cooking and cleaning, or often they are being force to child-marriages. 


Providing quality education to children requires consistent financial support. However, even if they want to send their children to school, the families are often unable to pay the school fees and cannot support the education of a child.​


Our main goal is to find individual sponsors who will pay the tuition fees of a child directly to the schools on behalf of the parents. The children may be sponsored not only by private persons, but by companies, school classes, or other communities.


We ask a year long symbolic adoption and payment of the recommended monthly subsidies for a minimum of 12 months. The payment may be done monthly, quarterly or in a lumps sum. We do not pay aid: we pay school fees in return of good school results and development!


Personal packages may be sent (school supplies, clothes, toys), which we regularly deliver to the child. In case you cease to sponsor a child please send us a minimum 3 months prior notice.

The children have to reach a certain minimum school result in order to be in the program. In case the child fails to complete the class, or the results are insufficient two consecutive times, he/she automatically loses the right to stay in the program unless the reason for the failure is a long-term illness or a family event that results in a temporary bad result.

You have an opportunity to become part of an extraordinary experience! 


Our programs

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