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Anna Surányi

I am a French teacher who had a long time dream of going to Africa. My first time there was in 2017 when I volunteered in Tanzania. Later, in 2019, I participated (as a volunteer again) in a one month’s UNESCO World Heritage Project in Zambia. The project itself didn’t go as well as I had hoped but luckily it gave me the opportunity to work together with Auxiria Mwanza, the local coordinator of the project whose family had a school in Kafue. I became curious and, thanks to the unsuccessfulness of the original project, I had the time to go to visit the school. During our discussion with Auxiria, I learnt that, unfortunately, not all families can afford to pay the fee for the school (which is lower than other private schools). That’s how the idea of creating a sponsorship programme for the children in need came to my mind.

Zambia Projects,

event coordinator

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