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Our story

Our story started in Mali, one of the poorest countries in the world. In 2014, our former co-founder, Andrea Morris, who had previously lived in Bamako, and one of our current co-founders (Andrea Gyurácz) visited Bamako on behalf of the African Hungarian Union (AHU). AHU undertook to work out and execute Andrea Morris idea of promoting the education of talented kids living in a slum of Bamako close to a place where she lived before.

During the two weeks visit, the team visited families of all children, assessed and documented their living circumstances and created a program. The concept of the program was to find sponsors who would pay for the tuition of the child so it could attend the school. In addition, they also looked at supporting the development of the physical infrastructure of the school. 

Iskola 2018 2.jpg

The child sponsoring program was a success, at the beginning 35 children were sponsored by AHU and by 2016 two new rooms were built. 

Due to change in priorities in AHU's organization, AHU wanted to terminate the program.  In 2016,  one of the founders partcipated in the Budapest-Bamako rally and that is when the five founders of Africa Another Way seized the opportunity to take over the child sponsoring program from AHU; the foundation was born. Under the flag of Africa Another Way, the program continued to flourish within a short period of time and by 2017 it supported the education of more than 70 children. 

Today Africa Another Way supports over 150 children in Mali, including children with disabilities. We have also opened up two child support programs in Senegal with 40 children, and one child support program in Ghana with 20 children. 

In 2017, it launched the Library Program, which provides textbooks for children, and in 2018, the Together Until Graduation Program for children who have already completed elementary school.


Drinking water was introduced to the Bamako school and, thanks to the donation of Xeless, the water blocks were renewed, and 2 new classrooms were built. In 2019, the 23 workstation IT room and the library room with 1200 books in Bamako were handed over, and other programs outside the schools were also launched (craft camp, excursion to the Bamako Zoo).

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