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Gyuri Szabó

Co-founder, Trustee

I got acquainted with the support of education of African children via being contacted by two separate persons almost at the same time. One of them was my 10 years old daughter who spends a part of her monthly allowance for the education of a little girl in Congo who is also 10-years-old. Her offering was very moving and it filled me with great pride that such a little human being does see and understand that a natural thing in the Western world is elsewhere a treasure and a rarity. 
More or less at the same time I was visited by Jim de Jager who was collecting supporters for an African school. Without thinking I said yes because there is nothing by chance so I was sure it had a reason that I “stumbled” in this project again and I would have some tasks although yet not clear what they would be. After the rally Jim gave a detailed travelogue about the situation there. The task soon took shape – I should not only be a supporter of this fine program but an active participant as well.
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