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Become a Partner

You can choose from our projects or you can propose one you want to sponsor. We discuss it with our local partners and if it is feasible we do it!

Our foundation is registered and has a public purpose ('közcélú') status. It is possible for individuals, sole proprietors, and companies to make a one-time donation or enter into a permanent donation contract for a minimum of 3 years.


Depending on the amount of the donation, you can become our

            Bronze Sponsor by donating € 35/month, or € 420 per year


            Silver Sponsor by donating of €70/month or €820 per year;

    Gold Sponsor by donating of € 120/per month or €1,440 per year

    Platinum Sponsor by donating of €250/month or €3,000 per year

Gold sponsor.png

The payment of a one-time or regular donation is possible, which will be used for the purpose as the sponsor request, or if the sponsor may not request (no purpose is indicated), the funds may be used to


• develop school infrastructure;

• create or develop a library (library ticket),  (textbooks, shelves, tables, chairs)

• pay for Internet access,

• purchase educational demonstration tools - map, etc.

• pay the school fees and textbooks for children without sponsors,

• reward the winners of study competitions announced at the school.

• finance school related activities (excursions, sports),

• promote and  sponsor environmental protection related projects

• cover the operating costs of the foundation

The financial donations can be paid

  • via

  • IBAN: HU19 1040 0872 5052 6751 6883 1003, 

  • Swift Code: OKHB HUHB; 

  • Name of the bank: K and H Bank 

  • via PayPal: account

Our foundation is a so called public interest ('közhasznú'), so in case of donations the companies under Hungarian corporate tax can reduce their pre-tax profit

  • by 20% in general or

  • by an additional 20% in case of signing a regular donation contract



"Donation under a regular donation contract" shall be any donation granted by the sponsor in the year of signing the contract as well as the minimum of 3 years thereafter, at least once per year, in the same or larger amount,- without any consideration.

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