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Discover  Africa

We love and we can talk about Africa!

The borders of the world have been evaporating, thanks to globalisation, and we come into contact with people living in far away countries every day. So, it is important for us to understand the problems of the African continent and get to know the people who live there and the different cultures which exist there. 


By presenting the traditional system of values, beliefs and morals of other cultures, with the emphasis on the importance of education, we can show that they do represent paramount, universal values. Realising this is food for thought not only for adults but for children, too. 

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At the end of our presentations, the audience leaves with a much deeper and richer understanding, which is more fact-based, closer to the reality, and they forget the stereotypes about Africa they had before. Also, they might be shocked by what they see and hear, but they get a lot to think about. 

Based on the feedback we receive, as a result of our work, a person may even re-evaluate his or her own personal situation and start to see it in a different light.

Thanks to the attitude-shaping effect of our presentations, a significant part of our audience is interested in our work in West Africa and becomes a supporter for the education of a child living in abject poverty. In this way, they also help the child’s family to advance on the social ladder. We would like to draw attention to the social need of donations, selfless charity, voluntary work, and to the recognition of social responsibility. We provide a sense of success and a source of joy for those who participate in these activities.


As a social impact of our presentations, our audience usually becomes more understanding, accepting and inclusive, and more open to accepting human diversity.


We undertake lectures in Hungarian and English.


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