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Health Awareness Trainer training

There is no health awareness and related hygiene education for women in West Africa. Due to the lack of knowledge and local traditions ("it is not good for girls"), there is no such transfer of knowledge in families either. Women usually know nothing about their own body and its reproductive organs and functioning, so they get married and give birth to children completely ignorant. Various local taboos, traditions (female circumcision), beliefs and lack of knowledge about the functioning of their bodies deprive women of a physically and mentally healthy approach to the functioning of their bodies and understanding its changes.


The training includes

  • the MFM-Projekt Ciklus-show®, during which we guide women through the physical processes of female fertility, introduce them to the basic relationships of the function and functioning of their reproductive body parts, and provide them with additional knowledge about the topics they are interested in (pregnancy, menstrual pain, etc.).

  • We also teach how to make and use washable sanitary napkins and the menstrual calendar.

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