Together until Graduation

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Only 71% of the boys and 51% of the girls enrolled to high school can finish it in Mali as families were unable to afford uniform, books or school supplies. In order to promote the studies of the secondary school students we created this program in 2018. The children are former students of the Ecole Chérifoula private school in the SansFil slum of Bamako and they were beneficiaries of the child support program.


At the end of 9th grade in primary school children take an exam, the DEF exam (Diplome d’Etudes Fondamentales), which, if passed, allows them to continue their studies at a secondary school of their choice but designated by the ministry on the basis of the exam results.


The children attend a lycée for 3 years which ends with an exam called the Baccalaureat. Doing well on this examination can help students to gain admission to universities or higher education.


Conditions for joining and staying in the program is the minimum average of 11 (excellent: 20). 

The tuition is paid directly to the children. It is a great value for them, as with this support they can buy their uniforms and items necessary for learning, such as school books and stationary.

Ms Sissoko, who runs the Chérifoula school took the responsibility to hand the money to the students personally and collect the quarterly school results.


We send the sponsors on a quarterly basis the school reports as a proof that the child has attended school, including the results he or she has accomplished, bringing letters written by the children, small gifts during our visits, and reporting on any events affecting the child.

All students have sponsors in this program at the moment.

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