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What we do

Educational programs

Some of our education-related programs - in addition to the possibility of going to school - aim to increase the quality of school education and provide the necessary tools for learning.

These are

- the child support program, where the tuition or scholarship is paid for talented students,


- the library program, where a library of textbooks is built over the years from the books purchased annually for the supported children, and where the children leave the books at the end of the year, making it accessible to all students,


- we support the IT education by financing the ITC lessons where children learn the basics and the possibilities inherent in the internet and learn how they can interact and learn about the world through technology and we providing internet for the schools

Our purpose is to educate beyond the classroom. Many children have never seen the environment they live in. Studies have shown that children learn more when they do things together outside the classroom in a different environment. We support the school financially so that they can organize extracurricular activities for the children. 

We support day trips, hold informative health education courses with the involvement of schools, organise and hold art and craft activities and camps, support the environmental education, student sport activities and bring donated games and toys to the children and teach them how to use these simple and creative games.

   Our  programs

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