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The end of a long break

There has been no teaching in Ghana for 9 months. Of course, there were plans to continue learning at first, but the news in the end was always about keeping schools closed. We’ve been hearing about the January opening since September, and we can only hope that the day will now really come when the kids can return to the classrooms.

Plans for school construction were also dragged through by the pandemic. Plans for work during the standard summer break have already been transferred to the winter break in the spring. December finally came and we managed to get to school in Koforidua.

So let's see how the work progresses.

As a warm-up, the school bus fell into diligent hands. A little hammering in a nearby locksmith workshop and a transformer. Nice big piece ... And the bus will be reborn soon. At least we hope so.

The walls are plastered by the boys inside...

... and outside, with so much fun!

The window of the library room is also getting its final shape, just as the designer planned it.

The upstairs halls are also evolving, but as long as there is no barrier, they will be ready in vain. Without them neither the stairs nor the corridors are safe for the children. The railing project started on Christmas Eve, with some sort of sparkler work.

To be continued.



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