Plastic Project

Local waste disposal infrastructure for the Sanfil community does not exist they use the ground next to the school (Cherifoula) as landfill to dump all kind of waste. Domestic animals such as goats, cows and sheep are searching for food among the waste and often digest plastic and other hazardous material. If the community eat plants and animals that have been in contact with such polluted soils, there can be a negative impact on their health.


The primary objective of this project is to focus on the collection of plastic waste to be recycled into finished or semi-finished products for commercial value. Through this project different avenues will be used to sensitize community members and school children on proper waste management.

Capacity building programs will be run for the community on waste management. We aim to reduce the amount of plastic in the village by at least 50% during the first year.

The sale of the products would generate a revenue stream for the people living in the community. It could also trigger the awareness of the local municipal to put in place a proper waste-management infrastructure to remove all other waste.


We are planning to raise funds (about 5,000 Euro is needed) and build the line in Hungary first so the concept can be tested. Meanwhile we will work with the local community to get their buy-in and prepare them for the project. Donations for this project can be made by clicking on the DONATE button here or on top of this page.