Library program

The students do not have school books, as the parents cannot afford to buy them. These books are so rare, that many times only the teacher has one, so the students write down everything from the blackboard.

In many cases, classrooms don't have any books at all. This makes it hard to follow what the teacher is saying, and means that children are far less likely to leave school knowing how to read. The children have to copy the text from the blackboard or repeat the teacher loudly together, slowing down their development.


For children participating in our child support programs, with the help of sponsors, we buy textbooks every year, which are marked by the school. These books become the property of the school at the end of the year, in the library from which any child can “borrow” after school for local learning.

By selling “book tickets,” our goal is to purchase additional textbooks that are not marked as primarily important by teachers, and to purchase reading books to provide other, non-curricular reading opportunities for children and youth books).