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Why Another way

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The „other way” is expressed by our views, operating principles and working moral:


We don’t give aid - we pay school fees and purchase school supplies and education materials. In return we expect excellent school results and development.


Personal contact, on site experience -- our programs have been developed through personal contacts and real on-site experience. We aim to take into consideration the local needs and the ideas of the locals who contribute to our program.


Reporting – continuous, regular communication, provision of information - at least quarterly, with photographs and school reports, and documentation of completion of projects


Transparency– following the delivery of donations, the use of funds are regularly checked and documented. If needed, we stop the funding.

Long-term planning – opportunity to fund a child all the way to finishing university


Maximum efficiency, minimum costs  - All of our donations are spent to help our goals without using it for maintaining our operation.


We do not do it for a living. Board members and other contributors are volunteers who do their work without receiving any salary and mostly bearing their costs and expenses during their work.

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