Prambs Academy

Prambs academy girls

Prambs Academy is a private school in Kafue, Zambia that aims to accommodate children whose families cannot afford to pay high fees for tuition. There is a public school in the area, but there are so many children in the classes that, unfortunately, meaningful education is essentially hopeless. There are other private schools in the area, but their tuition fees are very high. Parents who care about education and want their children to go to school and do something meaningful with their life, but can’t afford an expensive private school, choose Prambs Academy. Unfortunately, not all of them can pay the tuition fee, which is why we have launched this program, which allows you to “adopt” a child so that he or she can go to school.


The school provides early childhood and primary education. The school system in Zambia follows a 7-2-3 division, of which the first 7 years are primary education.

In principle first graders start at the age of 7, but often only when the family has money for school. The language of education is English, which is the first challenge the children face as they speak almost exclusively their tribal languages when they enter school. Thus, the first years are spent essentially with language learning, where the child must learn not only the curriculum but also the related language. Grading is given in percentage, based on tests and in class work.

At the end of the 7th grade they take a national exam, which, if passed, allows them to continue their studies at the junior secondary school level.

The students were recommended for promotion by their teachers based on their diligence, academic achievement, and family circumstances. Because the program is designed to promote quality education at the Prambs Academy, long-term plans include the creation of other programs in addition to sponsorship, that the school staff considers important. Such programs could be a summer methodological training for teachers and the expansion of the library with children's books in English. Anna Surányi has been working with the school since 2019.


Conditions for joining and staying in the program is to reach the minimum of 60%​ in average.

We send the sponsors on a trimester basis school reports showing that the child has attended school , including the results he or she has accomplished, bringing letters written by the children, small gifts during our visits, and reporting on any events affecting the child.