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Time is TBD - planned for Spring 2024



Learning Another Way - Africa Another Way Charity Run

We run and visit schools, you can support our partnering school to teach and learn Another Way.

Learning Another Way - Africa Another Way Charity Run
Learning Another Way - Africa Another Way Charity Run

Time & Location

Time is TBD - planned for Spring 2024

Balaton, Lake Balaton, Hungary

About the event

In case you would like to attend the run here are the various stages. Every morning the starting point is a school whereas in the afternoon it will be the center of the community.

                                                                     morning run                                                 afternoon run

Day 1 -                                        Siófok - Szántód - 10 km                                 Szántód - Balatonszemes - 13 km

Day 2 -                              Balatonszemes - Balatonboglár - 10 km           Balatonboglár - Balatonfenyves - 16 km

Day 3 -                             Balatonfenyves - Balatonberény - 12,5 km             Balatonberény - Keszthely - 12,6 km

Day 4 -                                  Keszthely - Balatongyörök - 10,5 km          Balatongyörök - Badacsonytördemic - 13 km

Day 5 -                            Badacsonytördemic - Révfülöp - 15,5 km                   Révfülöp - Balatonakali - 12,5 km

Day 6 -                                       Balatonakali - Aszófő - 8 km                                          Aszófő - Alsóőrs - 14 km

Day 7 -                                    Alsóőrs - Balatonfűzfő - 14 km                  Balatonfűzfő - Balatonakarattya - 12 km

Day 8 -                              Balatonakarattya - Balatonvilágos - 9 km                 Balatonvilágos - Siófok - 12 km

The purpose of the charity run is to provide the SCHOOLS and the 500 CHILDREN who attend the schools with the items needed for distance learning: paper, pen, pencil, booklet, book, slate, chalk for the children, and a lower priced photocopier for the schools or money for making photocopies and some income for the teachers.

With your support, they can continue to study ANOTHER WAY!

3 EUR is enough for a child's pencils and pens on a slate board with chalk

6 EUR covers for the booklets to write in, as well as the photocopier paper and photocopies on which they get the tasks

15 EUR is the price of textbooks and other school equipment (including sanitizers)

30 EUR is a teacher's one-month long-distance education salary

210 EUR is enough for a photocopier that can be used all year round to copy the curriculum (children do not have textbooks as parents can't afford it)

We aim to collect 1.500 EUR, which is 3 EUR per child.

The more donations we can raise, the more children, teacher and families we will be able to help.

Thank you for considering to supporting us.

Katalin de Jager

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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