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Solar Grain Mill

Work and income-generating project in Senegal - A solar grain mill in Sererland

Foua-Mbegnare is a village in Senegal, 115 km from Dakar. The village is part of a village community belonging to the Serer tribe, there are 7 other similar villages in the area within visible - easy walking distance, with 20-30 families per village (300-500 people; the Serer do not count themselves, as they consider this a bad omen). There is no electricity or drinking water in the villages, there are drilled wells that dry up in the dry season. The only source of income is agriculture and horticulture, there are no other job opportunities. They grow peanuts, millet, sorghum, corn, vegetables (tomatoes, beets, onions, eggplant, beans) and hibiscus, the raw material of the popular local drink, bissap. With the exception of hibiscus and hazelnuts, their produce just makes them self-sufficient. Young people migrate to Dakar or abroad due to lack of work and income.

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