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Cherifoula Development

Continuous development


As tuition fees were paid regularly to the Ecole Privée Chérifoula in the Sansfil district, it was possible to finance some school expansion project by the school itself. This was our sponsors have assisted in building 4 classrooms, of which one library and one IT room.

In November with the financial help of Xeless and the foundation the access to drinking water in the school is finally a reality! The restroom facilities were refurbished too.

We financed the building, cabling, and air-conditioning of the IT room.


The library room receives 2.000 books, the IT room gets equipped with 23 computers with the funding of the foundation. We deliver a printer, a photocopier for the administration and an air conditioner for the IT room .

From that year the internet access is paid for by the foundation.


The corridor on the first floor is rebuilt and the entire school is repainted thanks to the regularly paid school fees by our sponsors.

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