AEDMP - Last Hope Community Center

Our partner organization, Aide aux Enfants Démunis du Mali Profond, was set up 15 years ago by Mr. Koné and his wife Omou to help injured and handicapped children. They also have an injured child so they know exactly how difficult this task is.


Some children are children with disabilities - hearing, vision, physical and mental problems, others are healthy but semi-orphans or orphans, all live in extreme poverty.


Currently, 32 children are included in the program, all living in the slums of Niamakoro district, where the association’s modest office is also located. The monthly fee of supporting a child is € 15, which - depending on the needs - covers the school fees, medical costs or food supplies.


The program was taken over by our foundation from the Hungarian African Society on January 1, 2020.


Join us, be a child supporter!