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Seamstress training program

Our foundation aims to provide women with skills and knowledge that not only provide a livelihood for their families, but also have an impact on local communities.


The aim of the Tailor and Seamstress Entrepreneurial Training  Project is twofold: on the one hand, to help single uneducated women of all ages, regardless of age, learn how to sew tailoring and sell the products created, thereby providing a livelihood for themselves and their families, and to alleviate menstrual poverty in the making of washable, reusable sanitary pads, improve women's quality of life and, in this context, provide knowledge of women's and other health issues (reproductive health education, menstrual hygiene and HIV/AIDS).

In 2021, together with the local women's association AFLPC-KATI in Mali, with the support of Hungary Helps Agency we established a Training Centre that promotes the livelihood and vocational training of local women and girls; 80 - 100 women / girls can learn the profession every year.

MÖL, the Hungarian Volunteer League assisted the training process with volunteers at the setting up of the centre.

The target group of the course, regardless of age is

  1. young girls who, due to a failed entrance exam or lack of space, are unable to continue or continue their studies in secondary school;

  2. widows or women with abandoned children who do not receive family allowances for their livelihoods (in Mali a married woman has an average of 5-6 children) and

  3. unmarried women with children.


Participants are selected by the local Women's Association in accordance with the principles established by the foundation.

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