School related programs

Get to know the World!

We intiated a program "Get to know the world!" in Mali, whereby the children can get knowlege of other continents, their fauna and flora, countries, their nations and people, customs. 

Summer Programs


We organized a summer art program in Senegal where the children could get acquainted with the use of watercolours, felt-tip pens, crayons, the different techniques used in drawing, the use of perspective.

In Ghana we provided the art supplies for a three month long creative art project where all primary school classes had all the material needed to be creative twice a week. Many of the pieces of art became the decoration for the classrooms too.

decoration and plants.jpg



We organized an excursion for our sponsored children and the 10 best students of each class to the Bamako Zoo in 2019 in order to enable the children to get acquainted with the African animals (game).


Each year we plan a similar excursion for the children.


Afternoon playing parties

We organized sessions for the children to learn to play with the games donated to the school in Bamako. We teached some children how to play with the games so they can teach the other children in the school.


We promote the school's football team by equipments (sport clothers, shoes, balls, etc,) in Bamako.


We organized an "olympics" for the children in our school in Bamako in which the children learned to use sports equipment donated to the school in a playful competition. They can further develop this knowledge during the school year, invent new games and even organize competitions with other schools.

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