Moussa Cissé

Moussa Cissé

The father of 11-year-old Moussa has died, so now the elderly grandfather is supporting his family and his five brothers. The “marabou,”grandpa, a kind of naturopath, earns for the family. Neither parent has ever been to school, but the mother considers learning important. The mother - if she can, lends a computer to the children, on which they can learn to count, read, instead of play. According to the mother, Moussa is a calm, quiet boy, very polite and respectful, but a little lazy, he has to be pushed to start things, but then when he starts, he does it perfectly. To the great consolation of the family, Moussa loves to clean - he is teased many times as it is a girl’s job in Senegal. Football is his everything, he loves kicking the ball day and night. He likes to ride a bike, which his mom opposes because she thinks it’s dangerous. He wants to be a pilot.

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