Modibo Yossi

Modibo Yossi

The nine-year-old third-grader Modibo lives in a family of six children, he is the third child. His father is a driver, works for a company, and his mother is a housewife. Only the father went to school. 3 of the children go to school, all to Chérifoula. Modibo takes out his school supplies from an infinitely ragged gym bag - chalkboard, exercise book, a pen. His study results are a bit fluctuating between 5/10 and 10/10. They eat three times a day. Modibo loves to read and play football. His favorite team is Paris Saint Germain. He helps his father to wash the motorbike at home. He would like to have a soccer ball and textbooks and wants to be a doctor. The family haven't been able to pay tuition for months.

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    Cherifoula - monthly support:  € 12

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