Dieynaba Ba

Dieynaba Ba

Born in 2011, Dieynaba is in third grade (CE1). Of her siblings, only she survived. Her parents are unemployed, her father was a salesman, but he has not had a job for a long time. They are supported by the father’s family, living in one room in a larger two-story house. The little girl does not have any school supplies, bags or pencils. She loves going to school, math is her favorite subject. She helps a lot at home, cleaning is her main job. The tiny (ca. 110 cm) filigree little girl has a great soul: she wants to be a doctor "to help people." She would love to have a doll and clothing, her favorite color is pink. In her spare time, she plays rubber with her girlfriends (a jumping game with a hat rubber).

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    School of Hope - monthly support:  € 18

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