The Belly Dance Night is still on
On August 15, 2020, Savannah Bellydance Night for the benefit of disabled children in Bamako was held for the 54th time, again at Lalibela Restaurant. We thank the organizer, Cecília Balogh, and the performers for their fantastic work and enthusiasm for so persistently supporting the education of injured children in Bamako.
Distance learning is still on in Bamako
After the month of July, the distance learning in Bamako continues in August. We are excited to hear about the new works! So far, our supporters have done very well in French, math, drawing and community assignments. Many of them was among the best performers of their classes.
An evening to meet us
On July 30, 2020 the participants of the March trip to Bamako, Karolina Pap and Andrea Gyurácz gave a report about the 10 days they spent there. In a relaxed atmosphere during the evening we met many new faces, but also existing supporters. While tasting the Malian soft drinks Djabani and bissap, we answered a lot of questions. We could also share about our other programs in Ghana and Senegal, the plastic collection program, and volunteer work opportunities. We thank InToTo for the venue!
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Media appearances

Petőfi TV - Én vagyok itt!
We were on M2 Petőfi TV channel's 'I am here!' show where we talked about our work. The conversation starts at 34:15.
Ozone TV Egyenlítő
We went to OzoneTv's program Equator, where we talked about our work, results and adventures with Robi Bárány.
(Photo OzoneTv)
Online article in the prestigious Nők Lapja
The topics of our conversation was the life of children and women, and the activities of the foundation in West Africa.
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