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GiFAM, Tamale, Ghana - Development

In 2023, with the financial support of Hungary Helps Agency, a sustainable school with inclusive education will be implemented, which will focus on disadvantaged groups for whom education is not available:


- people living in deep poverty and / or

- in remote areas,

- people belonging to ethnic and linguistic minorities,

- for children with special educational needs,

- for children with outstanding abilities and talents.

On the plot there are room enough to create 4 blocks for the preschool, elementary, JHS and SHS classes, with a library IT room and for the administration.

We also plan dormitories for 14 girls and 14 boys, and a kitchen to provide school lunch for all student and staff.

Phase 1 of the plan aims to build the first 6 classroom block  and it is to be carried out by the end of 2023.

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