Newill Academy Development

The Newill Academy Project aims to complete a sustainable school building based on local materials, with the participation of local workers and international volunteers, capable of educating 250 students in Koforidua, Ghana.


The school was founded in 2010 by Ghanaian teacher William Newman. Its aim was to provide quality day care and education from daycare to primary school for children who are disadvantaged on the periphery of society. The institution is a niche, since there is no, or only very expensive, similar care available in the city. 

Over the years, the school has outgrown the original building, and in the absence of several classrooms, the children have been educated under the tin roof erected in the corridors or in the courtyard. In 2016, plans were made for a contemporary building with the values of local architecture, adapting to local climatic conditions with simple, low-tech solutions, making it cost-effective to maintain. Passive cooling, ventilation, use of local building materials and passive use of solar and rainwater were important aspects of the school's design. The design, created by young Hungarian architects, won the Audience Award of the Media Architecture Prize in 2016. The design of the Newill Academy school building will be the most innovative solution in Koforidua and its surroundings.

Newill reopen 2021 01.jpg