GIVING is the greatest JOY

If you still have a little bit left in the wallet after Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, please think about those for whom these terms mean nothing.

We collect funds to get toys, games, sport equipment, money for excursions, educational materials, creative tools (colored pencils, paint, crayons, stationery, textiles, etc.) for children in Bamako, Dakar and Koforiduai. 


Please give a donation between GivingTuesday to New Year’s Eve.

Let's bring joy together! Because to giving is the greatest joy!


From childhood, we can usually think of carelessness, play, hiking, and absorbing knowledge like a sponge. In Africa, this experience is given to very few. Especially not  in the slum of SansFil in Bamako or for children in Yeumbeul in Dakar and Koforidua.

We do our best; we tell stories, we show images and videos, and see the enthusiastic, open-mouthed, sparkling-eyed children, the mass of hands raised to the question, and we try to answer the million questions. When we draw, we are shocked that they don’t understand the term “use your imagination” ... because they can’t even understand it, since there are only earthly desires: something to eat, have JUST ONE pair of shoes, a pen, a pencil for doing the homework, a toy, a dress ...

Then we go on a family visit and our souls cry when we understand: there is no favourite food, because the goal is to have something on the table at all, it is a privilege to go to school, from an early age everyone works, does something for the family. And when the children show us they treasured favourite toys, our hearts break: bicycle rubber that can be driven with a stick, hat rubber that can be used to jump, a ball crumpled from packed nylon bags to play soccer, an armless doll, an earless teddy bear, a plastic cap to roll, a mason jar top with a rusty nail you can spin ... They don’t cross the city borders, they don’t even get to the neighbouring district to go to the zoo, see a museum, a beautiful park to find out what a playground is to get to know their own city, their country.

We want to give them the joy, an experience, a little childhood. Please support us.

To grow, to thrive, to know what it is like to use their imagination so that they too can get to know the world.