Sponsoring children

We do not pay aid: we pay school fees in return of good school results and development!


You have an opportunity to help and become part of an extraordinary experience! 


The fees may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Non-financial donations for the sponsored children will be delivered to the children once per year, upon prior notice of the possibility to the sponsors. 


HUF 500 (cca. €1.50) shall be used from each monthly fee to finance the operating costs of the program (bank charges, money sending fees, fees for local helps, awards for good learning).

Our programs

"Chérifoula" Program (Bamako, Mali)

€12 per month;  the monthly fee covers the school fees and the textbooks

"The School of Hope" Program (Dakar, Senegal)

€20 per month; the monthly fee includes the school fees and the text books

"Newill Acadamy" program (Koforiuda, Ghana)

€20 per month; the monthly fee covers the school fee, school lunch and school bus fees

"Art for life" program (Dakar, Senegal): 

€25 per month; the monthly fee covers the school fees, the textbooks and art teaching

"AEDMP -Last Hope" program (Bamako, Mali)

€20 per month; the monthly fee covers the school fees and text books, if needed for the child with disability

"Together Until Graduation" program (Bamako, Mali)

€12 per month; covers the tuition payable to the child.

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