Art for Life

The sponsored children were selected by Senegalese artists during a „Senegalese Mini X-Factor” competition which was held at the end of December 2017 as part of a grand festival in the Grand Yoff District of Dakar.

The development of the little, talented artists is hindered by their living circumstances. They live their life on a very basic level and with unbalanced diet. They do not have real teachers; they learn the arts in an ad-hoc way, by watching the training of the elders. They reserve their energy for the daily fight for survival. Therefore, they do not have sufficient time and energy for the development of their talents. In addition, they regularly work as part of the group of "Les Petits Camaras" thereby contributing to the budget of their families. 

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The education promoted by the foundation ensures that the child obtains a better quality education which facilitates better possibilities to continue their studies and efficiently manage their artistic life in the future by learning to use IT equipments and speak foreign languages (although this is still far from the quality of the private schools in elite Senegal). The scholar year commences in October and lasts till July.

Conditions for joining and staying in the program:

  •  1- 6 grades: the minimum average of 6 (excellent: 10)

  •  7-10 grades: the minimum average of 11 (excellent: 20)

We send the sponsors on a quarterly basis the school report as a proof that the child has attended school, including the results he or she has accomplished, bringing letters written by the children, small gifts during our visits, and reporting on any events affecting the child.

All children have sponsors in this program at the moment.